Are they expensive to run?

A normal lounge costs approx 0.13c per running hour, so 6hrs = 0.79c a day for a standard machine & 0.55c for an Inverter. On heating mode they are even less expensive to run. The cheapest form of heating available..

Are they Noisy?

The old days have gone!! Interior units are quieter than a normal fan. The outside compressors are whisper quiet also. Inverters are even quieter with Interior units as low as 21 Decibles.

What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Just wash the interior unit filters regularly. Leave the outside alone.

Are they safe in the rain?

Yes They are made to withstand Sun, Rain, Wind etc.

Do they need Re-gassing & how often?

They may need the occasional top up but with our annual service this will always be checked and taken care of.

Why do you only supply Daikin & Fujitsu General?

They are best of breed, well engineered, relaible, cost efficient and the best value for money units on the market.

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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Do they have to be outside in the open?

Yes.The machine takes the ambient temperature and transfers the heat combined with the compressor via the Pure Titanium heat exchangers to the pool water. The now cold return air dispels to the atmosphere. In enclosed space the ambient temperature would continue to drop until it would be impossible to obtain any heat.

Are they safe outside?

Perfectly safe, they are designed and made in Canada, to exacting standards.

What about rust etc?

The machines are made in non corrosive Poly-Carbinate. No rust, no rattles. No ugly rust stains.

Are they noisy?

They make less noise than the filter pump. About as loud as an Air Conditioning unit.

How expensive are they to run?

One of the reasons we install this brand is their very high C. O. P. rating. For every 1kw they use they produce 5.2 kw of heat. 500% less than normal electricity. As every pool is a different size we would need to survey first then calculate for you.

What about maintenance?

Just a simple annual service keeps everything in top order.

What do I do once its installed?

Nothing. We will show you how to set your desired temperature, then just forget its there, just enjoy your pool.

What is the Guarantee?

10yrs on the Pure Titanium Heat Exchangers, 3yrs on the compressor and 2yrs on all other parts INCLUDING Labour.